The Charles NYC

The Charles is looking for an Ad Operations Specialist who has experience covering all aspects of tagging, trafficking, and qa’ing paid media across multiple channels including SEM, Google Display/Video, Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Programmatic within Fashion, Hospitality / Real Estate, Luxury (such as spirits), Lifestyle, CPG, Beauty, Service, and Technology/Publishing brands. You will have the opportunity (and expectation) to participate in the paid media operations and management across a variety of accounts, managing the QA, trafficking, tagging, verification and testing process. You will be working alongside a paid media strategist and growth marketing lead to deliver the best work and execution possible.

About You:

  • You are up to date on the latest in paid media ad operations such as attribution, tagging, account set-up, ad tracking, viewability, fraud-free and brand safe tools, as well as best practices and specs for paid media across video, display, search, and social channels.
  • You are passionate about your work, detail oriented, highly collaborative and communicative; a relentless tester, optimizer, and always working to improve your current processes / spreadsheets / strategies etc.

Responsibilities / Experience:

  • You have the ability and experience to create and manage to completion the following:
    • Asset QA - (specs, best practices)
    • Asset Trafficking
    • Campaign Set Up + Trafficking - Ability to build out new campaigns and properly set up and assign
      • Audiences
      • Demographic
      • Creative
      • Placement Type
      • Geography
      • Bidding structure
      • Flighting
    • Ad Set + Ad Type Verification - Ensuring the ad is targeting the correct client, audience, and placement type
    • Tagging assets through various partners (UTM generated, Adobe, DoubleVerify etc)
    • Attribution
    • Spending reconciliations
  • Paid Media Experience
    • Manage Google paid campaigns (building, testing, monitoring, reporting)
    • Manage Google brand campaigns (building, testing, monitoring, reporting)
    • Paid search market analysis (competitor, keyword, effectiveness, and CPC analysis)
    • Paid social (lead gen integration to paid media)
  • Marketing Analytics experience:
    • Conversion tracking/tagging for campaigns
    • Testing live media against various KPIs


  • 5+ years as a proven paid media specialist, and marketing analytics experience.
  • Platforms required:
    • Social: Facebook/Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok
    • Google (Display, Youtube, Search)
  • Experience building and managing ad operations tracking and reporting structures.
  • Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Google Tag Manager (any work with tagging and attribution required) certified ideally.
  • Gsuite application knowledge is a requirement: Google Sheets (and thus excel), Google Slides, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar etc.