Account Manager at The Charles NYC

The Charles NYC

Account Manager

Full-Time in New York, NY - Mid Level

As an Account Manager at The Charles Group you must be adept at understanding and managing client needs and expectations as well as providing strategic leadership for a multi-discipline / multi-client agency team.

The Account Manager is a solution-oriented manager who thrives on developing strong relationships between client and agency teams. As a key strategic point of contact for senior clients, the Account Manager plays a very critical, and visible role in the success of any engagement. An Account Manager at The Charles Group is more than just a manager per-se: you are expected to collaborate with other leads and truly contribute to developing industry-leading work, strategy, forecast, and push agendas forward by thinking two steps ahead for our clients. We expect people in this role to have a point of view on business strategy and Profit and Loss of projects, actively participate in reviews of strategy, UX, design, timelines, resourcing, and all other deliverables.


  • 4-7 years Experience in interactive project or account management.
  • Proven ability to manage long term, multi-million pound client engagements with multiple project tracks and teams.
  • Ability to understand the client’s business, whatever market sector and be able to discuss knowledge with the client.
  • Deep understanding and awareness of aligning consumer goals and business goals.
  • Strong presentation, verbal and written skills as well as proven ability to conceive, prepare, author and give key presentations to clients and teams.
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate, support and understand different project teams while anticipating, defusing and resolving any conflict effectively.
  • Self-motivated with excellent problem solving skills and negotiation skills is imperative.
  • The ability to successfully manage multiple suppliers, partners, and customers to ensure the best outcome for both customer and The Charles
  • Understanding of team utilization and project allocation, and their relationship to overall client profitability.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for supporting overall account management, growth (always looking for ways to grow the account), and leadership of cross-functional teams to develop approaches and targets that meet the business goals of our clients.
  • Responsible for maintaining engagement strategy for a track or tracks within a client relationship through the understanding of all upcoming client initiatives over the next 12 months.
  • Expand contacts with key client executives and maintain strong post-engagement relationships, introducing new opportunities accordingly while providing meaningful contribution to new business.
  • Work in conjunction with Finance to effectively contribute to the profitability of account tracks by negotiating statements of work, ensuring work is delivered on budget, and invoicing clients according to the proper terms in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Consistently identify needs client may not recognize and ensure that approaches and solutions are linked to objectives and future needs by having an exceptional understanding of the digital arena and how new and emerging developments can be exploited to add value to a client’s business.
  • Consistently manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback efficiently and professionally.
  • Participate in strategic development of new business through identification, pursuit and conversion of additional opportunities for The Charles
  • Contribute to internal communications and PR by ensuring work is summarised and celebrated throughout The Charles
  • Participate in project reviews and develop case studies for the work.
  • Manage internal project costs, budgets and client expectations.
  • Owns and manage project production process (Advanced creative through development process.)
  • Develop projects and plans, direct, manage and monitor project execution. Control changes in scope and end of project closing requirements.
  • Assist in writing SOWs, assess and manage requirements and content development.
  • Manage project steps, tasks, requirements against SOW. (Scope management)
  • Manage resources, timelines and milestones. (Time and cost management)
  • Manage and monitor project lifecycle. (Time and cost management)
  • Manages risk assessment and risk management. (Including time, costs and resources)
  • Manages project quality.
  • Manages project communications
  • Work alongside Senior Management and PM's / Finance in managing project procurement.
  • Anticipate and make recommendations for client needs.
  • Update status reports for clients.
  • Receive creative changes from clients, relaying those changes to creative staff and supervising the account’s finances.
  • Understanding the client’s needs and the internal resources available to you throughout the production cycle by clearly and proactively managing communications between our staff and clients.
  • Maintain relationships with executives of client businesses across all disciplines and assist in developing strategies for clients and internal processes.
  • Coordinate projects by communicating effectively with client & production team to follow all steps to ensure project stays on track.
  • Maintain organize and update agendas, files and various lists.
  • Work with creative team to bring ideas into the mix, offer suggestions, research, ability to share & constantly learn new technology.
  • Research is also part of the Account Manager role. Whether a client makes tractors or sells clothes, the manager must become an industry expert and provide the Management Team with research that supports new business, existing business and client development.
  • Apply strategic thinking and knowledge of creative process to develop agency business and offerings
  • Aid in drafting, editing and formatting letters and memos as needed
  • Preparing estimates and proposals
  • Work closely with senior management team on pitches and presentations [ideation, production].
  • Work with Senior Management on new business opportunities and upselling existing clients on additional opportunities
  • Responsible to expedite other duties as assigned by the management team members.
  • Provide EXCELLENT customer service with a positive attitude to every client, on every occasion.